Students at Oklahoma Engineering Fair

Students in the Burlington Robotics Team attended the Oklahoma Engineering Fair in Oklahoma City. This fair was held at the Oklahoma Science Museum. Some of the activities that students participated in included: Ping Pong Ball Launching, Drone Obstacle Course and Rubber Band Powered Cars.

The Robotics Team took initiative when they were given the opportunity by the Oklahoma Engineering Foundation to set up a student display at the museum. The team set up three robots, a variety of field items and an exhibit booth. The students interacted with patrons of the museum and other Engineering Fair participants for five hours. During that time, the different groups exhibited the capabilities of their robots while teaching about the variety of opportunities now and in the future with robots and automation. They also talked about the opportunities that they have had by participating in the BEST Robotics program, as well as the opportunities that can come in the future because of their participation in the BEST Robotics program.

Below are three pictures of students teaching about their robot with their exhibit.

students teaching about the robotstudents teaching about their robotstudents teaching about their robotThe BEST(Boosting Engineering Science and Technology) Robotics program is a national non-profit volunteer program that is free for all students and schools who participate. Students are the primary participants and benefactors. This program offers an experience that engages students through teamwork, self-directed learning, apprenticeship and problem solving.

The mission of BEST is to "inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through participation in a competitive robotics program that fosters knowledge, teamwork and communication."

A special thank you to administration for allowing the Robotics team to attend and multiple thank yous to Mrs. Newlin and Mrs. Harmon for continuing to work with the students, for pushing them to be their best and for taking them!

group picture of Robotics Team(very back row, L to R) Maddox Morgan, Emmalyn Stoner, Addie Pray, Vance Stewart, Seth Zahnter, Owen Bellamy, Wyatt Morgan, Phog German, Colton Pedersen, Corbin Fluman.

(2nd row, L to R) Leah Rosenberger, Marie McGee, Savelina Ofiu

(3rd row, L to R) Haven Stoner, Paige Stoner, Becky Carlson, Alexander Harmon, Trevor Hankey

Below are two group pictures of students with their exhibit.

Students at Oklahoma Engineering FairStudents at Oklahoma Engineering Fair