Burlington Student Council Food Drive, food collected November 13-17, Food Item Point List

*Box of Ramen noodles: 1 point

*Canned vegetables: 2 points

*Box of instant potatoes: 3 points

*Box of Hamburger Helper: 4 points

*Box of Mac n cheese: 5 points

*Jar of Jelly: 6 points

*Box of granola bars: 7 points

*Box of peanut butter crackers: 8 points

*Canned tuna/chicken: 9 points

*2-liter bottle of pop: 10 points

*Bottled juice: 11 points

*Package of trail mix: 12 points

*Package of beef jerky: 20 points

(Classes will keep track of items collected. Items not on this lest will receive 1/2 point. Please do not open or break apart packaged items. The class with the most points per student will receive a class prize! There will be a class prize for PreK-6th grade and a prize for 7-12th grades.)